Want To Make Money? Recommend Something

by Terry Lamb

Video Transcript
Hey welcome back. It’s Terry from FollowTerry.com. Today’s blog post, today’s video post is about this concept that people continually come to me and they say they want to make money, what do they do. I’m changing my tune a little bit in terms of the wording. I used say it this way. I used to say, “if you want to make money sell something,” but if you really dig into this concept of online business affiliate marketing like I’m doing it, I’m changing my wording in this way. It is, “If you want to make money, recommend something.” I’m moving away from the word sales or sell something because the truth is as an affiliate you’re not necessarily selling anything, you’re recommending things.

I think the word selling really scares people off. They come into this market and they say, “Terry, you’re doing really well, but I’ve talked with you before. You are a really good salesman.” The truth is I just don’t look at myself that way. I am recommending these things. The products themselves, the tools that I recommend they sell themselves. Think about your life. You go through and you recommend things to friends all the time. You recommend restaurants and certain types of foods and movies and cars and products and services, things that you’re recommending all the time, and they take your recommendation and go check it out for themselves. Some buy, some don’t. It’s not that you’re trying to sell anybody anything, so I just wanted to kind of change your wording, maybe change your thought process on this. “If you want money, recommend something.”

Now, let’s talk about what do you recommend. Therein lies the problem. I’m going to use a quick example. Someone came to me a few days ago and they said, “Terry, teach me how to make money from this thing called Launch Jacking. I kind of was thinking about what they mean. A long time ago, I talked about this. It’s the concept that when someone or a company is launching an affiliate program, a product, that they have an affiliate program for and you can earn a commission from. What people would do is they would go create videos and pages and reviews and articles so they could rank for that product or service name and basically swerve off the backend of ranking for that and then guiding the traffic that was looking for that as a hot topic at that particular moment. Ranking for that and getting them over to their particular affiliate link and making some money.

I said, “You know, that is really … that is the difficult way to go.” I said, “Let me guide you towards something that will be better which is learning and mastering paid traffic.” This person said, “Oh yeah, I’ve already figured out traffic. I already understand how to do that.” Well, if that was true, you wouldn’t be worrying about things like articles and videos and blog posts to drive traffic organically or search engine optimization. I mean it’s literally a terrible way to go, in my opinion, because these days you have paid advertising, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google AdWords. I could go on and on and on and on.

The concept is if you master traffic, just one of those things, just one particular traffic source, Bing pay-per-click. I was talking with someone this morning, and she said, “Okay, I’ve got my Bing stuff running. I’m going to go work with Facebook ads.” I said, “Well, hold down. How well is Bing going for you?” She says, “Well, every other day I get a few leads.” I thought that’s not enough and that’s not mastering something. You’re getting a few leads every other day from a pay-per-click traffic source and you want to go learn another one and try to master another one? You have to master the first one.

The entire point behind this post is to kind of change some of your wording, like I said, “You want to make money, recommend something.” You want to make money, guess what? Here’s another way, here’s the first step. Learn traffic. Learn how to get traffic. One of the best programs that I’ve made so much money from is actually linked below this video, and it’s something you can go check out, and guess what? If it’s something that you want to recommend other people, you can purchase it and earn quite large commissions. A thousand dollars plus like I am and it’s something I can guide you on and help you with, and also now we’ve changed your mindset, may be you’re worrying a little bit, so invest in a program and recommend that program to someone else and that’s how you earn money.

It’s not about sales. It’s not about giving your link out to someone in hoping they’re smart enough to take action on it. Typically, the average person is not. What you do is you talk about the concept and then you say, “Let me know if you need a recommendation on where to get this.” I’ll give you a quick example. Here’s a program that I’ve invested in where I’ve earned a thousand dollar plus commissions. I never talk about it directly. I only ever talk about the dozens and dozens if not hundreds of concepts about and within the program.

When someone hears that, guess what it is? It’s interesting but incomplete, so they reach out to me. They come to me and they say, “Tell me more. How do I get that? Where do I find this concept you’re talking about?” Then, guess what I do? I recommend the program that I’m using, the business opportunity, the tool, the service that I’m using to make money online. If they want to get into business, they want to make money, they want to recommend things, they literally invest in the program and begin duplicating what I did with them. Guiding their prospect down the path. It’s very, very simple. Obviously, traffic is the key, but more importantly what I’m talking about is before traffic, you have to invest in a program that’s going to pay you commissions that you can recommend to people it’s going to pay you commissions.

Below this video here on my blog if you’re at FollowTerry.com is specifically a graphic image that’s going to guide you over to a program, literally one of the main programs I promote and recommend to people that earns me commissions and does the exact same thing for them. In any business endeavor, you first have to invest in the right program, and then of course being on my team, I’m going to give you guidance. Next step is then learn traffic, master a pay-per-click traffic source, master a paid advertising source, but master one specific thing. Now since you have invested in a program, you have something to recommend to people. That’s how money is made. You want to make money, recommend something. That’s it for today’s video. I’ll see you in the next video.

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