Email Marketing Profits – The Definitive Guide

by Terry Lamb

By the end of this guide you’ll be fully versed on how to profit online from email marketing knowing all the tips, tricks and tactics.

This is a “Two Part” Blog Post Series:

Part #1: [Beginner] [Advanced]

Part #2: Email Capture Systems/Tools


Email Marketing For BeginnersEmail-Marketing250

If you are an absolute email marketing (and profiting online) beginner then this section is where you’ll want to start.

Let’s lay out a foundation assuming you are a complete beginner and if you are in fact more experienced you can begin at the “[Advanced]” section; click here to jump ahead to the advanced fundamentals section.

OK Mr/Mrs email marketing beginner…let’s get you up to speed with the fundamentals of email marketing.

Can someone actually get profitable online (like, have a real online business) doing email marketing?

Um, you bet they can (YES) – so with that being said (and the reason for this post) is to bring you up to speed on the concept.

In part 3 of this blog post (coming soon) I’ll go in-depth on how money is actually made, meaning – you must have something to sell, promote or recommend first.

[although if we are getting technical, the first thing you REALLY need is a “lead” or an email subscriber, but we’ll cover that a little later in this post]

Let me give you a few basic examples here.

Take me for example; I am an online “affiliate marketer” meaning, I actually DO this online business thing and in my every day experience I use technology, tools, commission150services, etc. that work great for my business SO in turn I recommend them to others (you?) and the company who owns the product/service pays me a fee or commission (a percentage of the sale).

In fact, this may sound as if I have done some serious business negotiation to get this commission deal right? NO, almost anyone can sign up for any affiliate program online.

Go to any one of your favorite online shopping sites and typically at the bottom of the page is an “Affiliate Program” you can signup for; once approved you are “in business” so to speak.

You get a specific “link” associated to you and your account and when potential customers click the link and purchase, you earn a profit. Pretty simple.

For example: “WalMart” has an affiliate program, “Amazon” has one also as do many other large online shopping sites.

== Side Note: ==
NO I don’t recommend those affiliate programs, they are just big name examples. Later in Part 3 of this post, I’ll show you the affiliate programs I use to profit online, they are easy to use and much more profitable than those well known outlets.

== End Side Note ==

So, let’s assume you have “something” to promote (recommend?) and profit from such as an affiliate link from a program that pays well.

You are almost in business, as soon as you have a few more “fundamentals” we’ll cover next.

Email marketing – requires some tools and technical connections, that are actually very easy to implement.

Let’s start first with the email tool/service called an email Autoresponder.


Don’t let the name fool you, it’s simply an online service which collects email addresses from interested prospects; I’ll cover the details on how to find “email leads” in Part 4 (coming soon).

You’ll find about a dozen email autoresponder services online and frankly, I’ve tried (and used) almost all of them OR know someone who has.

My top recommendation (beginner OR advanced) is GetResponse.

Why GetResponse? Well it’s simple, they have all of the bells and whistles anyone would need (certainly more than you get elsewhere) and there are advanced things you can do with their service that most others cannot do or offer (trust me I know this from experience and testing).

You’ll also find that GetResponse offers things such as a Webinar Platform and in the beginning this can save you thousands per year if you are just getting started; however the topic of webinars is for another post.

Ok, so back to the basics…

A Solid Email Marketing Foundation

I literally could stop here and you have a solid foundation to build on, meaning you have something to sell or recommend (affiliate offers?) and you have an email autoresponder service.

In this case, GetResponse has one key item you’ll need and that is called a landing page or a “capture page” where a visitor can enter name and email address, and be automatically entered onto your list.

Once on your email list then you can either have “automated” emails that are sent out on a time/schedule OR here’s what I recommend; send a daily “broadcast” — this is as simple as typing one message and hitting send to your entire list (in the Advanced section I’ll discuss how/why to segment your list).

Of course, you’ll be sending emails and “recommending” your affiliate offer(s), but you must be able to craft a story line or idea around why someone should click and go further.

NO, you don’t have to write a book or even 500+ words, frankly a few short compelling sentences are terrific – think about creating a level of interest to “get the click” without telling the whole story (be interesting but incomplete) – because frankly it’s all about the

Speaking of the click, your email subject line is the first thing an email subscriber will see, think about being compelling enough to get the click to open the email, then get the reader to “click” the link you want them to go to.

I love to keep it simple, direct and intriguing.

Here’s an example of an email I wrote to my list of subscribers that generated $3,568 recommending a program that was relevant to what they wanted (and that was to get more leads from advertising on Facebook) – something we’ll discuss later in Part 4 of this post.


Advanced Tips For More Effective Email Marketing

Earlier I mentioned “List Segmentation” so let’s discuss that

I am adding this as an “advanced” technique because frankly I did not personally “segment” my list for the first several years of my email marketing experience.

Email list segmentation simply means, segmenting your email subscribers as they enter your list (or sorting your list for specifics and adding those leads to a targeted list).

So, I may segment my email subscribers by the item them originally join my list to get (i.e. the reason they opted in) such as a person who subscribes to get my “Internet Marketing Beginners Guide”.

Knowing that person is most likely an online beginner, I can email them specifically (by segmenting them into a specific category) and talk to them as a beginner.

As that person becomes more advanced and takes my higher level courses and becomes a buyer, I can segment them into my “buyers” list and that list can become very profitable – essentially emailing my buyers specifically can really increase profits from just one email.

Now, the technical part of “How To Segment”

As mentioned earlier I use GetResponse as my email sending system, yet almost all email autoresponders do the following…

You can setup simple rules that say; “if this happens then do this”.

For example, “IF” someone on my “beginners” list purchases traffic & leads training from me, then I remove them from the beginners list and place them on my “buyers” list.

So for example: if I have a hot recommendation (affiliate offer) that day I can send an email first to my buyers list then later to my generic list, etc.

If the offer is specifically about “Facebook Advertising” I can send that email to the “Facebook” segmentation on my list (they will be more responsive) as opposed to just sending it to my entire list.

Download “Digital Marketers” 101 Best Email Subject Lines

I have my segmentation’s setup similar to this: I have my main “generic” list (maybe they just wanted to be notified when I publish a blog post), then there are many specific lists such as interested in (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), then there are beginner and advanced type offers that cause the person to move around my list (segmentation) and of course my buyers list.
Part #2: Email Capture Systems/Tools
Yes, actually “capturing” a persons email address and maybe even their first, last name is the goal of course.

But how is that done?

Frankly this is an area I have extensive experience in.

So, let’s be clear on one thing; what I’m about to share with you here (and the resources) have an UNSPOKEN part to them and that’s this…

I am fully aware of (and have used) 99% of the systems and tools available, so there will be one’s (very popular ones) that I DON’T mention and that’s because – they are having serious problems as of this post (April 2016).

If something changes with “those” services I’ll update you here of course but just know, what I’m showing you here IS THE best options I have direct experience with, that also work seamlessly.

Now, onto what really works.

As mentioned earlier, if you are a beginner – all you need is GetResponse as a service, they are of course the email autoresponder system but they also provide “landing pages” also called “capture pages”.

In all basic senses, you can have a GetResponse account, register a domain name and forward the domain name to the “capture page” you create from a template in GetResponse.

Here’s an example of me doing just that.

I created a “capture page” using a GetResponse form and then I forward my web address “to it” like this:

If that’s all you did – you could be in business and start advertising online.

Now, the next level of capturing a lead or “email address” is called LeadPages.

Why LeadPages next?

Simple, it’s still a service you can use without having a website or blog.

LeadPages works extremely well and let’s you go to the next level of capturing data in terms of design, functionality and professionalism.

What I’m suggesting here that may not be totally clear is (see video above) you can advertise and capture leads online with JUST what I’ve shown you (recommended so far?), you don’t need all of the complexity to start advertising and building an email list, you just need a plan and to take action.

If you’ll notice here, my entire blog is optimized with LeadPages, they not only offer templates for capture/landing pages but also pop up lead capture boxes and several other tools designed to be implemented with either email OR via a blog/website.

Another very valuable service in the realm of creating pages and capturing leads is called InstaPage.

Like LeadPages, this service could be used by a beginner as an “everything you need to get started” tool. With a domain pointing at the pages you create with InstaPage, you could be in business immediately.

All In One Blog & Lead Capture Systems

If your path to an online presence is going to be a blog then these are the best solutions going right now.

I highly suggest you get a blog (wordpress) theme that can do double duty, being a theme and an opt in page design platform.

One such wordpress theme is OptimizePress, allowing you to blog, create individual landing pages and also opt in boxes for your blog posts and side bar lead capture forms; yes you still need GetResponse to manage the email list and actually “send” mass/broadcast emails.

Another all in one wordpress theme and opt in page designer is the ThriveThemes options [themes, leads/opt-in, content desiger & landing pages]

From my experience, ThriveThemes is where I would be if I had to start fresh since they have such a solid all in one platform and plugins.

If you have a blog based on only a basic wordpress theme, you are a little behind the 8 ball so to speak, however you can use a plugin such as OptInMonster or OptInDesigner.

Using one of those two (OptInMonster OR OptInDesigner) will allow you to customize a wordpress blog as needed with all sorts of opt in options, exit pops, standard popup forms, etc.

Options, Options, Options – But What About Simplicity

I’m great at keeping it simple so let’s discuss that for a moment.

Beginner or Advanced can take my advice here.

Remember, this is about email marketing.

Email marketing means simply getting a lead (email subscriber?) and then emailing them offers (affiliate offers, your own products/services, etc.).

So if that is the business model (monetization model?) then let’s look at it with simplicity.

Theoretically you could do exactly this…

– register a domain name (web address)

– get web hosting (so you can control where the domain points to)

– point your domain pages like to “pages” (with hosting and cpanel)

– those pages are hosted and designed on LeadPages or InstaPages

– you use those pages as email capture pages AND content hosting pages

With this plan (above) you don’t need a blog or the hassles.


You see it works like this; you advertise and build email subscribers.

You keep those email subscribers attention by emailing them links to opportunities of course (your affiliate offers) but also “curated” content (other peoples content) and of course your own content (text, video, audio) that you publish on a LeadPages page or an InstaPages page – again no blog needed.

(these services allow unlimited pages)

== side note ==
you could point your domain (using a web hosting account and cpanel) to an unlimited amount of pages like this; This way you brand your web address and control where people go instead of using the web address of the page service (LeadPages or InstaPages)
== end side note ==

For example: in the beginning I simply had an email capture page and all my content was published to YouTube; I would email my subscribers affiliate offers daily and when I published a video I would email them a link to the video on YouTube.

I didn’t have a blog nor did I need one (in fact, most of the time I regret that I even went that direction) and these days I mostly do the simple part; generate leads, and email them (no blog required really, ever).

This is where most fail, they lose focus, feel as if a blog is needed (it’s not) and they get distracted.

In the end, all you need is a capture page and then you publish your content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

AND you don’t really even need to be publishing your own content, you can simply “curate” other peoples content – it’s really just about keeping your email subscribers engaged [engaged means – a daily email that keeps YOU at the top of their mind].

Are you seeing the simplicity here; email marketing is the heart of this business model; most are over-complicating the entire online money making process.

If you have a tool or service you are using and want to discuss it, and it’s value/merits leave a comment below I’ll give you my experience with that tool/service and you can better make a decision to switch to what I’m showing you here (or skip ahead of the learning curve and just start right and dive into my recommendations here << smart idea).


Author: Terry Lamb

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